Clients are solely responsible for creating, and implementing, their own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of the coaching relationship; as such the coach is neither liable, or responsible, for subsequent outcomes or actions. 

To get the most out of the process, clients should be prepared to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to participate fully. Both coach and client can withdraw, without giving any reason, subject to appropriate notice being given.

The Glass Ceiling Coach is committed to abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors. It is a guidance document, and not legally binding, but sets out the expectations of best practice and promotes the development of professional excellence. In line with the principles of confidentiality and record keeping, as laid out in the document, the strictest level of access to information, is maintained, unless release of information is required by law (e.g. illegal activity, danger to self or others).

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Informed by ICF sample agreement and Global Code of Ethics